As an owner-managed forwarding company, it is important to us to maintain a fleet of vehicles in the interests of sustainable logistics.

Our own vehicles make us independent of seasonal fluctuations on the transport market and guarantee a constantly high standard of quality.

We deliberately avoid using solely chartered vehicles since this market usually only offers excess capacities. 

At times when freight capacity is in short supply, you can really only rely on a fleet of vehicles from reliable and reputable partners.

• We have trucks, tractor-trailers as well as vans.

• We have both curtain-side and box van trailers.

• Our thermal bodies guarantee your goods precisely the climate they need.

In 2021, we purchased new swap bodies that offer us maximum flexibility. These are equipped with perforated plates so that your goods can be secured in the best possible way. What’s more, all of our trailers have curtain-sides.
All of our trucks and trailers are fitted with GPS so we always know exactly where your consignment is.

It goes without saying that our motivated drivers are also trained to transport dangerous goods (ADR)
To make the transport as eco-friendly and cost-efficient as possible, the different modes of transport (truck and rail) Kombinierten Verkehr are combined in the best possible way.

There are a number of convincing arguments in favour of intermodal transport:


Alleviates traffic on roads
Intermodal transport makes a major contribution to alleviating traffic on roads and the transport infrastructure.

Thousands of truck journeys can be transferred to the railways.


High safety standard when transporting by rail
The advantages of rail transport are particularly important for not only dangerous goods but also for all other kinds of goods with safety requirements. The risk of an accident is minimised – unlike transport by road.


Helps protect the environment
Every truckload of goods that is carried by rail saves 60 g of CO2 per tonne and km compared to a complete transport by road. In intermodal transport, incl. pre- and on-carriage, this corresponds to an average reduction of 2/3 of CO2 emissions.


Predictability thanks to a fixed schedule


Exemption from driving bans


Maximum load of 44 tonnes (four tonnes more than for road transport)


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