Germany has been one of our main destinations for over 30 years.

Our dispatchers know Germany like the back of their hand!
We travel into Germany almost every day, serving nearly every federal state.
Make the most of our know-how and get in touch now!

Own fleet of vehicles

Our own fleet of vehicles means that we always have the right vehicle at the right time, wherever and however you need it. Reliability, professional conduct and a safe transport are the prerequisites for our transportation services.


Temperature-controlled goods, piece goods or complete loads. We offer a bespoke service based on your specifications. Flexibility is our hallmark. We transcend borders for you: national borders, language borders, cultural borders.

Near the border

Thanks to the EU warehouse of our affiliate ALPHA LOGISTIC just across the border in Weil am Rhein, we can offer our customers a number of additional options.
We use the Kombiverkehr network whenever we can and move your goods by rail.

Relevant scientific calculations have shown that every truckload of goods that Kombiverkehr moves by rail saves 60 grams of the greenhouse gas CO2 per tonne and kilometre compared to a transport by road alone.

The benefits are obvious:
- Fixed journey times
- Exemption from driving bans on roads
- Predictable costs thanks to secure prices
- Toll only for pre- and on-carriage
- Alleviates traffic on roads
- High standard of transport safety
- Helps protect the environment

Profit from our many years of experience.
No matter whether you have a complete load for Hamburg or just a parcel for your mother-in-law’s birthday in Frankfurt….

we’ve got the right solution to any problem.


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Tel: +41 (0) 61 705 25 25



Please feel free to send us your ideas, error reports and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us and is greatly appreciated.